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The School of Public Administration seeks to inspire and prepare students for national and local public sector careers, providing them an opportunity to learn ethical and practical leadership in public and quasi-public sectors. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs emphasizing theory and practice integration and creative problem-solving in areas of public management and leadership, public policy analysis, conflict management and negotiation, and urban and regional planning. The School offers a talented and nationally-renowned faculty with multidisciplinary academic background and professional careers who have served in leadership positions in prominent national organizations and academic journals. Our graduates thrive in national and local government agencies, public enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and private corporations.

The School of Public Administration is one of the highest-rated PA schools in the nation. It also has the only undergraduate program at Kyungpook National University that offers Pre-Law courses. Founded in 1971 as the Department of Public Administration residing in the College of Law and Political Sciences, the School of Public Administration has graduated more than 2,500 students up to date, and more than 40 percent of them have pursued their careers in the public sector.


Department of Public Administration founded at the College of Law and Political Sciences
Graduate School of Public Administration established
The College of Law and Political Sciences retitled as the College of Law
Alumni Association of Public Administration founded
Reorganized as School of Public Administration
Became an independent School of Public Administration; Consolidation of PA programs in KNU and Sangju National University completed